Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow, its great to be back!

Well, I took a LONG absence from the internet. Basically, I got truly fed up with waiting around on dial up after having, and losing, cable internet. It really affected me in a negative way and so I avoided the net instead of embracing it as I once did.

Well, after cutting costs and saving up we have cable internet back. I am back on track with my online college courses, communicating with family and friends once again, and re-discovering CafeMom and Facebook.

I also renewed my love of Club Pogo at and am laughing out loud again on YouTube. I have fully embraced the audiobook and podcast features of my Sansa Fuze, which have been sorely overlooked.

So, on top of that we have bought our parcel of land. It is located in Piscataquis County and that's as much depth as to location as I am willing to go online, simply because there are some people we don't wish to know the exact location of the land and they could find out if I disclosed more. If you are really interested, email me or leave a note on my wall at Facebook and I'll tell you all you wanna know privately.

We have bought plans for our temporary house which will become a workshop or guest house, possibly even housing for two on-farm apprentices next growing season, who knows.

However, I will post more about the plans in tomorrow's post. Tonight I am going to finish menu planning, check in with my classes, and have a calm night.

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