Wednesday, May 18, 2011

†Wednesday Wifehood†

Here it is, Wednesday again. I apologize for the lack of entries but I lost my mom on April 2nd, then I've had finals at college and the pre-entry requirements into my Master's program...

So, here it is at last, a BRAND NEW
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The latest post entry got me thinking about the Five Love Languages. Now, I was given a copy of the book some years ago and thought "eh, I don't need that." Well, a couple years ago I started wishing I had it. BUT now you can find the Love Language Assessment online which makes it very easy and very quick. Here is my result: 

 I was sort of surprised to find that I tied 3 different languages for #1 but that I didn't get not even ONE tick in "receiving gifts." I mean, I KNOW I'm not a material girl but come on, the fact that I didn't rate one choice preferring a gift to something else? Well, to be honest, it kinda made me feel good, lmbo!

I can't wait to show this to my dh and make sure he knows that I may be pleased when he brings me something but that it is NOT my ultimate 'happy maker.'

I have a feeling this will get us out and about on hikes and canoe trips more this summer as well as some more date nights in with movies!

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