Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who wants FREE Eyeglasses?

I received my eyeglasses free in exchange for this review post. The opinions shared are 100% my own and did NOT have to be positive. 

Okay everyone so here's the links I mentioned in the video:
WHY choose Firmoo, you ask? Besides the reasons I mentioned in my video, here's a few others:

1) Firmoo's Interactive Digital Try On Tool. Upload a face shot and see what your new glasses will look like on YOU, not on a random generic model!
2) First Pair Free Program: HELLOOOOO What about the word FREE didn't grab you already?
3) Cute, cute, CUTE frames and styles! Adorable, trendy, funky, fun, flirty, ultra stylish...if you want a type, these guys have them!
4) Great support!! Any questions you have, they get back to you super fast! Most questions can be answered by visiting this link
5) Bonus gifts! I talked about these in the video but here are some pics of what you will receive from Firmoo in addition to your glasses: 
 Now here are some pics of me wearing my new Firmoo's glasses,
 Follow this link here to get the exact style I chose and have showcased in this entry. They are style SD 2303 in the Black/Blue option. They also have Black/Clear and Black/Burgundy in this style.  

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