Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Morning!

Well, okay, so it's technically afternoon. I had a lazy morning, all right? I actually spent the early part of the morning putting the final touches on the menu for the week of the 10th and then I drafted the menu for the week of the 17th. I am going to cut things way back for the W/O the 17th because my birthday is the 20th. The kids will be at the other house that week, so it's just me and Danny. I am going to do something special for dinner and we are also going to go see "The Lovely Bones." The book was amazing and all I thought when I finished reading it over a year ago was "gee, I hope someday that one becomes a film." I never expected it too, though. It will be released nationwide on the 15th. If you want more info about it, I'm going to post a book review which will have details about the movie and include a trailer of the movie.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this entry is because I was searching for a specific video on YouTube this morning, and came across something else that really lifted my spirits-a compilation video of Jamba, Jamster here in the US, videos. I subscribe to Jamster on my cell phone, and I just adore the vids. Josh, my 6 yr old ds, is really crazy for "Sweety," who's a cute yellow canary that just loves to bust a move. The compilation features a whole plethora of Jamba characters dancing to Sweety's signature song. It's really uplifting in a fun, act like a kid way.


Jam on!

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