Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The One-Day Way ~ A Blogging For Books Review

I can't say much more than WOW. Chantel Hobb's book was a mixture of inspiration, motivation, and how to. With stories I could relate to and practical advice, as well as DELICIOUS recipes I am hooked.
I’ve only had the book a couple of months now but I have lost, in those two months, FOUR SIZES!! I was wearing a size 24W and I simply felt awful about myself. I weighed close to 230 pounds; I couldn’t walk 100 feet from my front door to the car without getting winded or, on hot days, lightheaded.  I now weigh 180, which is what I went into my last pregnancy at back in early 2004. My husband and I took the canoe out on July 4th and paddled 24 miles. We’ve never been able to do that!
The weight came on gradually over 11 years and I thought I would take me at least three or four years to get it all off. The One-Day Way has shown me that I can do it much faster but that it will not happen overnight, either. What I’ve learned is that moderate weight loss is much better than rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss is usually the result of a ‘crash diet,’ so called because you eliminate certain foods or ingest shakes or supplements and eventually, you WILL ‘crash and burn.’ Rapid diets are not healthy, they’re not sustainable, and they certainly aren’t long term changes.
Chantel tells us right on the back of the book that yesterday’s mistakes and choices are past! We cannot change them now nor do anything today to successfully change yesterday’s results. We have to live one day at a time and make choices each day, each moment, yet at the same time have a plan in place and remember what’s coming later.
I used to go to McDonald’s a couple times a week and tell myself that eating two double cheeseburgers was just fine and wasn’t hurting me because I wasn’t having fries and a soda with it. Now I think about healthier options. I usually get a four-piece McNuggets, a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette and a sweet tea. I am fuller and satisfied with my healthy choice, the food tastes better because I sit there with a good book or my laptop and eat it slowly instead of inhaling driving down the road toward home because I want the food gone before I get there, that way I don’t have to explain why I stopped at McDonald’s. Going out to eat is becoming a pleasure again. I am making healthy choices in my home cooking and I am becoming much more active.
All these changes are the result of what I’ve learned from The One-Day Way.

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