Wednesday, July 20, 2011

††† ~ IMAGINE ~ ††† Women of Faith Fall 2011

Women of Faith Imagine
Oh, my gosh, I don't hardly know where to start. I've been crying and praising all over the place since I received a terrific and life changing email yesterday...

The sender was "Women of Faith" and the subject line simply said "Hello, BookSneeze Friend!" Well, BookSneeze is a book reviewing program I am part of. Basically if you have a blog and love to read, you can sign up with BookSneeze. You then can pick one book at a time from their review copies which they will send to you absolutely free provided you write a review of the book you received on your blog, on a retailer website, and on their site. So easy!! After those reviews are posted through the BookSneeze site you pick another book and the cycle repeats. It is AWESOME!

Last month, though, BookSneeze sent me an email. A terrific email with the chance to register for an opportunity to receive a FREE registration to a Fall City for the Women of Faith Conference. The closest to me is Hartford, CT. I have never been to Connecticut...not even to pass through it. But I said, "Well, Moira, fill out the form. There are many more excellent bloggers out there than you and you probably won't get picked anyway." So, I did...and yesterday found out I WAS CHOSEN!!!

That started me on a total in-depth viewing of the Women of Faith site, the info for the Fall conference, called Imagine, hotels in the area and the biggie, checking out Greyhound fares. That's the other thing I haven't done in my life yet...I am a little nervous (hey, anyone who's seen the movie Dogma would be a little nervous to get on a Greyhound, lol!) but also excited.

I will be receiving a small living stipend back from my college financial aid and it will not only go towards building our house but to helping me achieve a dream I've had since I was a teenager.

Check out the following video for an exciting sneak preview of what it will be like at one of the Fall Cities for the Women of Faith conference:
You can come join the fun as well just follow the link below!

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