Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thunder Dog: how four paws saved three lives on 9/11

I could not put this book down. Thunder Dog is a simply riveting narrative of Michael Hingson and his dog, Roselle, who saved his life and the life of a co-worker on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center. That morning began somewhat strangely for Michael and Roselle. Roselle, you see, is terrified of thunder storms and one struck around the Hingson's New Jersey home around midnight. Michael got up to help Roselle get through the storm, doing some work from his home office and listening to the news on the radio. Once the storm passed the two went back to bed for a few hours before getting up and starting what seemed like a routine day. After their morning routine and getting to the WTC's Tower B things became anything but routine for this incredible pair. While setting up a presentation with a colleague, David, who had flown in from California, there was a sudden lurch and the building tilted alarmingly. Both felt they were about to die when suddenly, the building rights itself and they start shutting down electronic devices. That ladies and gentlemen just sums up the first two chapters of this fabulous book! If you want to see how Roselle helped Michael and David get down over 1000 stairs, 84 floors, and out of the building just moments before its collapse, you need to get a copy of Thunder Dog and read it for yourself. An amazing insiders point-of-view on the unbelievable bond between a man and his seeing eye dog Thunder Dog helps those of us on the outside learn what we've always wanted to know but most of us were to shy to ask.

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