Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"The Daughter's Walk" truly terrific historical fiction

The Daughter's Walk tells the life story of Clara Estby, beginning in her late teens when her mother drafts her to accompany her on a trek from Spokane, Washington to New York City in a bid to win $10,000. The walk takes place in the late 1800's and the money is meant to save the Estby family farm. Sadly, because of Mrs. Estby's inability to stick to schedules and avoid side trips the women arrive in poor condition, Clara very ill and on the verge of death and out of time. They do NOT receive the prize. When they arrive home there are surprises waiting.

The second half is truly engaging and takes place AFTER Clara leaves home. Why does she leave? What does her mother confide on the walk that changes Clara's life in unexpected and irreversible ways? How does Clara survive after she leaves home?

Grab a copy of The Daughter's Walk, something warm and tasty to sip, curl up by a cozy fire in your favorite pajamas and enjoy the suspenseful tale!

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