Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh Brewed Life ~ A BookSneeze Review

I have been a fan of Nicole Johnson for years and yet, somehow, until this revised and expanded edition of Fresh Brewed Life was released I had not heard of this terrific book. I am glad in some ways that I didn't discover this book until now, because I am at a place in my life where this book has been a tremendous help and  a real encouragement, relevant to now rather than file for later in my memory bank.

Each chapter focuses on a different section of a woman's life, from relationships to the workplace to spirituality and fulfillment. They encourage the reader to sip slowly and savor the wit, wisdom, and sometimes hilarity you'll find. I could not put this book down, however, because I needed cupfuls-no, make that full pots-of freshly brewed relevance and insight and that is exactly what I got from Fresh Brewed Life.

Anyone picking this book up for themselves should definitely get a second and maybe even a third copy, because you are going to find yourself thinking of at least one, and maybe two or even more close girlfriend's who really really could use a new cup of life...the Fresh Brewed kind...and you won't want to part with your copy. One of my greatest joys is passing a fabulous book on, but this has become, like my Bible, a "purse pal" that goes with me everywhere. I find myself calling friends and saying, "You have GOT to hear this!!" at least three times a day.

Everyone I've shared this with has been thrilled and wowed with the passages I've passed on and I am making this one of my go to Christmas gifts this year!

Go get yourself a cup of your favorite beverage, a copy of Fresh Brewed Life, and sit, sip, and savor...beverage AND book! You will truly enjoy it.

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