Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Have you ever gotten that lost feeling...

I know I have. Several times. The times that it frustrates me, though, are the times I'm trying to get into the Word and just get left feeling like a spectator at a political debate with no information on the candidates, their platforms, or the issues.

Well, that obstacle has finally been removed, thanks to Tyndale House and The Wayfinding Bible. I was given the opportunity to check this Bible out, test drive it if you will, and it is an honest Blessing. I have bought a few versions of the Bible, but this one really honestly speaks TO me, instead of AT me. I know that's a personal perception, but that is why I'm thankful for the many different editions of God's Word out there.

This Bible is helping me understand my faith, the history of my faith, our God, and my savior Jesus better than I ever have. 

There are three reading plans that are integral to the layout and printing of this edition. They are the flyover route, the direct route, and the scenic route. 

The Flyover Route is a collection of 54 readings explaining the most important events in the Bible, and making them understandable, easy to grasp, and relevant to Christians today. I started this plan today, and plan to do the 54 readings over 3 days. It wouldn't surprise me if I complete this route in two, actually. I had to tear myself away simply to write this post! 

The Direct Route is the one I am going to immerse myself in next. 200 readings, and we have 121 days left in the year. I plan to complete one reading each day, but to also double up and read two readings on Wednesdays and Sundays.

The Scenic Route is the plan that I'll start on January 1st, and I'll share my progress here on the blog every couple of days. The Scenic Route is a collection of 400 readings, and I'll read through that one just as I'm going to read through the Direct Route, one a day, but doubling and possibly even tripling up some days as I feel led.

To purchase your own copy of The Wayfinding Bible, simply click HERE

*My copy of The Wayfinding Bible was provided to me free of cost from the Tyndale Blog network in order that I may review it. The opinion shared here is purely my own and no further consideration was given for a positive review. 

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