Friday, September 10, 2010

♥٭ Friday's Fave Five September 10, 2010٭♥

Welcome to this week's Friday Fave Five. Hop over to our lovely host Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to join in the fun.

First, for unexpected blessings. I have been covered in prayer over a custody arrangement with my ex. The court date is 9/16 and my three kids have all said they want to go back to being homeschooled. Pending the outcome, which I feel God has already answered my prayers, the kids will be homeschooled beginning ASAP. I have been blessed with a gift subscription to The Old Schoolhouse magazine and their homeschooling e-planner, two fabulous resources that I have wanted to invest in for years but the budget didn't allow.

Next, unexpected prettiness, like this:  
Third, unexpected friends. We have new neighbors who moved into the "haunted farmhouse" at the top of the hill on Labor Day. They are the great-great-granddaughter of the man who settled the farm and built the house and her family. She has a hubby a couple years younger than my dh, she is a year older than me, and her kids are the same ages as my three with the benefit of her youngest being twin girls the same age as A5. She has a 10 yr old daughter and an almost 8 year old son. AND....wait for it....SHE HOMESCHOOLS!!  She dropped in at 7:00 this morning and said her hubby was doing a nature walk with the kids, did I want to go have coffee and chat at the Country Kitchen? I was amazed, and thrilled. This woman also has a car that makes me break the "Thou shalt not covet" commandment...she has an '05 (first year!!) Jeep Commander. She let me drive it this morning and I was ecstatic. We will be able to carpool to homeschooling events, we are already going to go grocery shopping tomorrow to save gas and split the savings of buying in bulk...a dangerous path, I know...but yippeeee! Talk about answered prayer!

Fourth, unexpected outings. On Wednesday my dh and I went up to Greenville and explored the Little Moose Mountain nature preserve. I got some terrific pics and we are taking the kids to see it tomorrow afternoon. They will LOVE it!

Fifth, writing prompts. Some people call them memes, some blog circles, I just call them gifts from God. I participate in Lid's Random Dozen and in Susanne's FFF. I have a separate blog for the Simple Woman's Daybook which can be found here. They all bless me in different ways and cause me to think, and post, and do something more than play Shockwave® games and send Dayspring® e-cards.

So long for this week!! See you Wednesday for the Random Dozen!!


  1. great five..I love the twist on unexpected... and a new neighbor/friend..delightful!

  2. What a great blessing --- a new neighbor friend!!

    That tree is just breathtaking. Have a great week ahead.

  3. What a wonderful blessing to have a neighbor that is friendly and is like-minded! A homeschooler to boot!

    The tree is gorgeous!

  4. What a gorgeous gift of beauty that tree is! I love fall.

    How wonderful that you have made friends with your new neighbor and that you have homeschooling in common.