Monday, November 29, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010 Question #9

Back with another intriguing Q & A from Katrina the wonderful hostess for the Fall Into Reading challenge. Can I start crying yet? Because another awesome reading challenge is nearing an end and the Spring Reading Thing won't happen for months!!! 
And now, the question of the week: Once you begin a book, do you feel compelled to finish it? Or have you been known to give up in the middle of a book, to walk away from a book that is just too annoying, boring, etc.?

No, I don't feel like I must finish a book. I have been known to walk away from a book that I just can't get into. And it is really easy for me to get into books. For example, I read ALL of War and Peace in less than three days. Yup, the first three days of summer vacation after third grade. I saw it earlier that year in a Charlie Brown movie and said "hey, I should read that." I didn't think it was boring but I have always had a crazy love of history, too.

Some books though, when I have been reading along good in them, non-fiction books I am talking here such as some of Joyce Meyer's books or some other Christian life application books and I feel this little "niggle in my middle" I know that there is something in there that I NEED to hear but the enemy wants me to miss out on so I push through the "niggle" and read it anyway. I have NEVER regretted doing this, not once.  SO I encourage you if you are reading a book of that type then keep it up, or a school text or similar book, if you know you need to absorb what is coming next keep at it because anything that is trying to distract is not of our Lord or beneficial. You DON'T need to top up that nearly full cup of coffee or tea or cocoa; you don't need the cookie RIGHT that second. NO, it isn't a good idea to suddenly start dinner an hour and a half earlier than you need too, lmbo!! Keep at your reading and something just might click (then you can reward yourself with a new warm beverage or a double helping of cookies! Maybe even order take out, {wink wink}!


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