Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Movie Night-a thing of the past?

Who else absolutely LOATHES RedBox kiosks? I do. Now. I didn't once upon a time...BUT as newly released films have gotten gorier, especially over September to the early part of November in relation to Halloween celebrations I've been VERY dissatisfied with the little mini-posters they have up on top and to one side of their kiosks. There are posters on their I am scared to see let alone have viewed by my 10, 7, and 6 year old children.

And how about Netflix? I don't know about any of you other moms BUT as soon as I was clued in that they even have a category of films targeted to those viewers who are in an "alternative" relationship well, I canceled my membership effectively immediately. I called up and told them exactly why I was canceling. Sorry if some readers think I am a bigot, or narrow-minded BUT those activities or "lifestyles" as some people term them are NOT pleasing to my God nor are they acceptable if one is a true Christian. We are not to socialize with people who choose to ignore God's will...for me that extends to doing business with blatantly non-Christian businesses. Some people think that is impossible but I tell you brothers and sisters, IT IS NOT. I thought so once too but I am learning differently.

As a regular alternative to Netflix I have found Christan Cinema. I am VERY happy so far and I haven't gotten not one disk in the mail yet. By Wednesday, though, I am betting I'll have two. Just the titles available spark my soul and make me smile.

The second alternative I have found. Family Values Cinema, was actually the first I became interested in. Unlike the 'rental by mail' options FVC offers a subscription service which is COMPLETELY unique and unlike any other.
When you sign up with Family Values Cinema (and you can do so very easily from the button in my sidebar) you choose either the 1 Movie Night or 2 Movie Night per month package. 1MN entitles you to one family friendly (we're approved by the National Board of Mothers) movie THAT YOU GET TO KEEP. Yes, Keep, FOREVER. No sending it back. 2MN entitles you to DOUBLE the fun, TWO films a month. With each package you get either one or two recipes, a discussion guide, all kinds of great fun stuff not to mention the memories that you will be creating with your kids in the kitchen and later in front of the film. I REALLY like this because it gives you the opportunity to REALLY build on the spiritual foundations and Biblical principles that will be found in each feature film as well as draw the fun out by having a yummy treat to create together and devour during the video AND time to talk about it afterward...because face it, we ALL know that as soon as turn the movie off seldom are the kids ready to fall into bed and snooze the night away...this gives you time to wind down, share thoughts and Godly instruction, and just have a good time longer while easing into bed time.

Check either option, or both options out because I know as a mom, I don't want to explain Freddy Krueger to a 6 year old because his picture is on the Redbox Wall dead-bang in the center with kids' posters flanking it because those films were released the same day...

Happy Movie Nights everyone!!

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