Thursday, November 18, 2010

Outlive Your Life----A BookSneeze Review

It is time for another BookSneeze Book Review, fellow readers!

After much soul-searching and stops and starts I am satisfied with what I have learned from reading this book and feel that I can give it a terrific review. It might not be a long review but I don't think this fabulous book needs a lot of wordiness to prompt others to read it.
This book has taught me to be content in my ordinariness. Sometimes I have felt that God is not using me...but then I look around me and see things changing that I never thought would change; or find that I am giving advice that I never thought I would give simply because the opportunity arose and I took it. After reading Outlive Your Life I found myself LOOKING for chances to do things that would help spread the word about my God and for ways that I could positively impact others around me. For a few years I was very sad that I wasn't called to be part of my church's worship team. BUT shortly after reading this excellent volume I recalled that His first call on my life was NOT worshiping, anyway, but working with youth. Once I talked to our youth ministries leader I found a tremendous need which I helped fulfill and in return was fulfilled myself. Max Lucado takes us through the beginning of the book of Acts and shows how the outcasts of Jesus' time were used in astounding ways and how, even though I may feel like an outcast in my hometown that I am not, because we are all precious and useful in his sight.

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