Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Fave Five

First Fave Five in Forever!

So, I'm a *huge* fan of Susanne from Living to Tell the Story and thank her graciously, again, for hosting Friday's Fave Five. I haven't been able to blog for an excessively long time, first because of not having internet service at home, then not having a home period...Now I have both again, blessedly, and I'm so thrilled to get back into the swing of the Fave Five. I guess my them here would be new things and renewal, so here we go: 

  1. Three new baby bunnies born on Valentine's Day. They're too young to get a pic of without upsetting Mina, their momma, yet...but as soon as I can, Cupid, Cocoa, and Valentine will have a starring role in a photo shoot and blog post to follow!
  2. My hubby buying my favorite chocolates in a beautiful keepsake tin...see, my daddy always did this for me, it was "our" thing since I was a little girl. He bought my mom, sister, and I a Valentine's heart every year from the time we hit Kindergarten (of course my mom's even longer than that, lol!) and I always saved the boxes. They were SO pretty. Some I kept in my cedar chest with mementos in them, others I taped shut and stapled to my bedroom wall. The really rugged or specially fancy ones I used to hold stuff on my desk, dresser, and vanity table. My dad isn't able to buy them for me anymore due to advanced Alzheimer' my hubby picked up the tradition this year...including buying ones for our two girls, and a cool metal toolbox and tool shaped chocolates and hard candies for our son. 
  3. A new start on my college and career goals. I've been accepted to Kaplan University, I start on the's SO good to be back on track with this!
  4. A new church family...I've been out of church for so long (way too long to post here, but when I get into soul baring made again, I'll make a full disclosure post). 
  5. My Keurig brewer. I *LOVE* being able to go to my local Shop N Save and pick out individual cups. They end up costing me the same as a full box of one flavor would, but this way I'm able to mix and match. I got some Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed cups, Gloria Jean's Mudslide which is actually hot cocoa, Green Mountain had my seasonal faves Spicy Eggnog and Gingerbread House as well as my regular fave, Dark Magic. So, I'm brewing up a cup of Mudslide, putting the last sentence on my fave five, and saying Happy Date Night and see you tomorrow!
My Keurig and some of my fave flavors

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