Monday, November 18, 2013

A Feminine Revolution!

So a few months ago I was generously blessed to be chosen to test and review something I have wanted for a very long time, the Diva Cup. A feminine hygiene product, the Diva Cup will make you think completely different about "that time of the month." I have now been using mine for four months and couldn't be happier to have become a Diva Cup user!

Diva Cup is a silicone cup which is extremely durable and very flexible. It comes with full instructions but is so easy to use that after one or two tries you'll feel like a pro.  Yes, you insert into your lady bits, similar to a tampon, however, there is NO risk of contracting toxic shock syndrome with the Diva Cup because it of the durable silicone it is made from. Cotton or synthetic fiber tampons are a good breeding ground for bacteria, and as we ladies know the longer you leave them in, or the higher the absorbancy level you use, your risk of TSS increases. Not an issue with the Diva Cup. There is no applicator, you do use your hands so if you're squeamish be aware of that detail before hand. However, a plus of this is getting to know your own body and know what's going on with your feminine health. You can wear the cup for up to 12 hours without needing to empty it, whereas with tampons you are urged to change them after 4 hours, it is 'safe' to wear them overnight...but I've never taken that risk because of the fact, I've NEVER felt comfortable or safe wearing tampons for more than two hours, let alone four...and couldn't sleep if I tried to wear one overnight...believe, I've tried...once...on a camping trip when I had no supplies of my own and my friends all wore tampons...yeah, long night, little sleep until I decided to make an improptu pad out of TP and a paper towel. Definitely NOT a fun situation to be caught in!

The Diva Cup comes in two models, one for women under 30 and those who have not had children, and women 30 and older and/or have had kids. I fall into both over 30 and having had kids, so I was sent Model 2, which is shown on the right in the following image:
They also make a cleanser called Diva Wash. It is formulated to clean, deodorize, sanitize, and also increase the lifespan of your Diva Cup. You can also use a simple liquid soap, but it needs to be free of lotions, dyes, and fragrances. Basically Dial liquid, although I use JR Watkins on mine because it's what I keep in the house anyway and it fits the specifications, as well.

As you can see, your Diva Cup comes safely boxed and you also receive a cute storage case. I also LOVE the "Diva" pin it comes with and display it with pride. Diva Cup has restored my sanity, confidence, and comfort during that one week of the month I used to dread. I no longer worry about if I have pads in the house, if I need them, if I'm going to be able to afford them if they're not on sale, if the closest store will even have them or if I'm going to have to drive 30 miles to the nearest Walmart, and so on and so on...Not any longer.

I use a really nifty little app called Period Tracker, which is available in both the iTunes Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android platforms. There is a free version which works beautifully and a paid upgrade deluxe edition which gives you access to more moods in the journal log. Since I started using PTracker four years ago I have only been 'surprised' by an early visit from Aunt Flo twice. Yes, twice, total, in four years. The app lets you input your cycle and track how long each period lasts, what moods and symptoms you experience not only during your period week but leading up to it and afterwards as well. After you've got three months of established data in your profile it will predict when your next period is due. It only took four months of using the app for me to see what a great tool it is, and to be alert to when my period was due. Now I put my Diva Cup the night before I'm due to start, and have no surprises. It doesn't cause any harm and has saved some embarrassment and a few pairs of panties, as well.

Diva Cup retails for around $20. Visit their website at to find a retailer location near you, or to buy online. Becoming a Diva was the best decision I ever made and I have no regrets! I can't say enough great things about this product and won't be without one again!

*In exchange for posting this review on my blog, I received a Diva Cup free from the manufacturer. I was NOT paid for this review. The opinion shared above is completely unbiased and not swayed in exchange for the product I received.*

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