Sunday, March 9, 2014

Coming Soon To the Great Outdoors Near You...

Yes, that's right, Spring is almost here! The vernal equinox is on March 20th this year. Here in Maine we are pretty much assured a few more snowstorms after that date, but hopefully not too much. The past three days have been pretty warm, actually, for this time of year. It hit 42° here yesterday, whew, that is practically shorts 'n t-shirt weather! Today it is only going to be in the teens but since there's no wind, that's not really bad. I think our below zero days are behind us.

I am busy making plans for what needs to be fixed around the homestead once warm weather hits and the snow melts. The first thing is going to be finding out what the issue with our new well-pump not holding a prime is. The fall and winter have been quite hard without running water, but Spring will see that remedied. I also need to diagnose how many pipes are broken, and where, underneath the house and get those replaced. The entire living room and kitchen wiring on the back wall needs re-done. Thank God my Daddy taught me how to do all this stuff, or I'd be living in a faulty-wired box with no water for a LONG time, since it is crazy expensive to hire someone.

The BEST news of the year, so far, is that I got my dream job at Tractor Supply and will be starting right off! I am so excited, the timing is ALL on God, because I have tried to find a job since last winter with no luck, and seeing the setbacks that have happened since then in hindsight, it was all because He knew I'd not be able to keep a job with the setbacks that were looming. I had a short lived gig as a cook at a local pub, LOVED it, miss it, but I've dreamed of working at TSC since I was a little girl, about 7 years old...I'm 33 now lol and it's finally happened!!

I have also been blessed to have a friend ask me to help with their landscaping and gardening this year, meaning that although I have a tiny space here at my home to garden, and will be making great use of it, I will have a HUGE garden elsewhere that I can enjoy working and getting my hands dirty in!

What are your plans for Spring? Share 'em below or share the link to your own blog! I LOVE reading what other homesteaders and rural folk are up to!

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