Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Piscataquis Valley Fair 2010---Big doin's and some prizes won

The annual Piscataquis Valley Fair had it's 123rd season from August 26th through the 29th this year. B10 had  her heart set on entering some animal categories but between the move and the paperwork to transfer the 4-H club from one county to another we didn't hit the deadline. SO, instead, she had a hand's on short-term project learning about food preservation. Together we made some canned tomatoes both plain and stewed. Then we each did some independent projects. B10 made 5 half-pints of zucchini relish and a pint and a half-pint of red, white, and blue salsa using tomatoes, white sweet corn, a Vidalia onion, a red habanero pepper, and some blueberries we gathered from a nearby Pick Your Own farm. She got first place for the salsa and second place for the relish. I canned some blueberries in a light lemon syrup and also a half batch of corn relish. I got first for the relish and third for the berries. I also got first prize in the pie category, this year's theme was berry pies. I made Blueberry Pie with Lemon Crust. Recipes for all will be up tomorrow. Here's some pics!

Off to the fair! Look at those excited faces...

My 1st and B10's 2nd place ribbons. Corn relish and Red, White and Blue Salsa. 
B10's 1st place Zucchini Relish  
My 3rd place Blueberries in Light Lemon Syrup
And my 1st place Blueberry Pie with Lemon Crust
J7 and A5 got to be in the kids' Pedal Tractor Pull. This was an extremely fun time for them. J7 was right on the pin at 60 pounds so this was his first (and last) year in the event, but I just figure that gives A5 (soon to be A6 aka "Muppy") more room to shine next year. Here's the kids having a blast and learning about sportmanship: 
Way to go, girl!

J7 with his 1st place in class ribbon, which made him eligible to participate in the "pull off" on the mechanical track in front of a huge crowd during the Demolition Derby intermission. 
Go, Buddy, GO!!

With his 3rd place overall trophy and snazzy new "T" courtesy of Ironman Racing, Evergreen Auto Salvage and Larry Laney.
While many families were willing to pay $18 per person for the unlimited midway ride bracelets, our budget didn't allow that this year. However, we bought a ticket sheet and the kids got to go on some rides:
A5 looks wistfully at the cotton candy booth from her first ride pick, the Merry Go Round...not lookin' too merry there...
B10 was miffed that she couldn't go three times in a row like at Funtown.

A much better time was had on the Zamperla Samba Balloons.
Which J7 thoroughly enjoyed, as well
And after much wheedling, two extra tickets were bought and all 3 got to go on the Bumper Cars (or, as J7 calls them 'Road Bumpers'). A unanimous dislike for this ride was declared  after they disembarked and we rounded up entries and headed home. 
And what about Mama and the rides? Well, I got to go on my absolute favorite, the Tilt-A-Whirl. Once. 

See ya Friday for the weekly Fave Five!!

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