Tuesday, August 10, 2010

†♥Terrific Tuesday♥†

Okay, everyone, I decided to post/host a meme of my own. I noticed that I tend to miss out on Friday's Fave Five and often I want to pause at the start of my week and share something awesome that happened. So, here is Terrific Tuesday.

The thing that made me say "terrific!" happened last night. I received a 5-in-1 card reader. While I still cannot load pics directly from my Kodak camera into my PC, I can use the card reader to transfer pics from my memory card into the PC. The extra step is worth the trouble to be able to SHARE the pics from my camera as well as the vids I took.

SO, here are some pics from the kids' AWANA closing ceremonies that took place in May of this year:

B10 lovin' the slide
J7 hams it up

A5 and R4 total BFFs!

They totally cannot wait for AWANA to start up again in the fall! 

That's Terrific Tuesday for this week, see you later with Wonderful Wednesday!

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