Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Funnies

This week I'm going to start doing something a little different to get back into the hang of writing a Friday Funnies post. I'm going to TRY to explain my thinking process to you all...maybe then it'll make sense to me after all these years...or not...either way, here goes:
Most people have a thought process something like this:
  • See jellybeans at store, think Easter, buy Easter stuff...don't forget the jellybeans!
  • See jellybeans @ store, look further, see Sour Patch Kids and Starburst fancier jellybeans and have lots of fun on Easter showing the kids/grandkids new beans.
  • MINE: See jellybeans, think, "ooh, I LOVE JELLYBEANS!" Look for Jelly Belly beans because I like their different flavors...see fave Buttered Popcorn HUGE bag. Then think how fun popcorn making is. Buy popcorn kernels. Take home. Pop corn. Think how pretty popcorn strings look on Christmas trees. Start stringing popcorn. Think about other homemade decorations. Make clay ornaments, bread dough ornaments, and apple cinnamon ornaments to kill the string of rainy, windy, wet days. Wake up this morning and realize EASTER is TWO DAYS AWAY...and while I have a ton of CHRISTMAS ornaments now I have done NOTHING for EASTER! ROFLMBO!! So, I pop in the newest Alice in Wonderland...and think how cute Johnny Depp is as the Mad Hatter. And remember having a crush on another Mad an earlier 2000's Alice...who on earth was it? Google madly til I discover it was Martin Short...and then wonder where this weird fascination for Mad Hatters came from...and realize, while listening to my Cleaning Mix was TOM PETTY WHO STARTED IT ALL!! Yep, when he played the Mad Hatter in his 1985 "Don't Come Around Here No More" video. One of the first music vids I remember watching when I was younger (all of FOUR years old, haha) and one of my faves always. So, here's my Friday Funny because parts of this vid are LOL hilarious!

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