Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I am so glad to get back to blogging on a frequent basis! I've  missed my meme themes and am grateful life has settled into some kind of calm normalcy once again.

Without further ado, here is my Top Ten list for this week!
  1. Fresh asparagus...now in season and very inexpensive. TOTALLY DELICIOUS!
  2. Mocha Nut Fudge coffee from Green Mountain Coffee. I was getting a little burned out on the Winter seasonal selections and it doesn't quite seem time Wild Blueberry and Island Coconut. MNF totally fills that weird Winter-to-Spring flavored coffee gap!! FAB!
  3. Flirty Girl Fitness. Working out is 100% fun again!!
  4. $2 value boxes from KFC. Once in a while you just NEED popcorn chicken and potato wedges or a thigh and mashed with gravy...budget conscious even if its not on my diet plan...hehe! Guilty pleasures, what can I say?
  5. Finding my iPod in my neighbors yard after losing it 5 months ago...and having it dry out fine...and work perfect!! AMEN!!!
  6. AriZona Sweet Tea and their Jack Nicklaus Half Tea Half Lemonade...both thirst quenching and totally sippable...or chuggable if, like me, you  just did a full Yoga routine followed by a three mile walk lol!
  7.  Rib Eye steak on the bbq with radicchio, bell peppers, portobello slices, and yellow squash also on the grill.
  8.  Discovering you're NEVER too old for Kool-Aid and graham crackers!
  9.  A super sweet date night with my hubby last night...gotta happen more often!
  10. Lyric Legend on the iPod. Back to my addiction....sorry!
If you would like to join in Top Ten Tuesday, follow me to Angie's blog Many Little Blessings to get a handle on the format, write your own blog entry and make sure to include a link to Angie's site! Also add your link on her site so others can come and read!

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