Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heaven in Her Arms: A BookSneeze Review

Catherine Hickem certainly knows the struggles Christian women face today.  As mothers the struggles are even more intense: when to push our kids harder and when to back off, when to trust and when to doubt, when to hold on and when to let go.

Mary, the mother of Jesus is not much mentioned in the Bible and certainly not as her own person. She enters the Bible when it is time tell of Jesus' miraculous conception and birth. Little is talked of his upbringing, the day to day struggles Mary faced knowing her child was of God, God's own son, and how that impacted her personally as a woman, as a believer, as a mother.

I cried a lot while reading this book because Mrs. Hickem shares some fabulous insight into what God wants of us women who believe, who follow Him, who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and she also shows us how to find the answers to our deepest questions.  The section which touched me the most was "Love in the Rearview Mirror: Mary Knew God Looks at the Heart." Our hearts are often spoken of as something that leads women down a sinful path or gets us into trouble. It is also the repository of our deepest feelings: joys, triumphs, fears, longings, anxieties and tragedies we often think they are stored in our head but they are truly written upon our hearts.

The second most impacting for me was "There Are No Accidents" which states that Mary knew God as Master Designer. This is so very true. Sometimes when God shows us His plan for us, for our life, we think "but I don't want that! That's not what I planned." We don't control our lives, God works everything--good and bad--for our good. Sometimes it is hard to see that in a tough moment such as the loss of a loved one or economic uncertainty but that is what we have to remember.

Excellent read which I recommend to any woman who struggles with her faith or wants a deeper relationship with God.

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