Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Fave Five April 6, 2012

Okay, wow, has it been a LONG time since I posted a Friday Fave Five! I am so thankful for my new laptop that makes blogging a pleasure. I am getting out in the community more (Wi-Fi, haha!) and making new friends and renewing old connections...I hadn't realized how central to my life my PC was...But, I digress. Today's fave five is not going to be about my computer. Nope, I am going to share my favorite five family classic movies for Friday Family Movie Night in my house. See, with three kids aged 11, 9, and 7 it can get pretty harrowing choosing family game night games, radio stations in the car, pizza toppings and, of course, movie night flicks...BUT I have a stash of classic faves, which are listed in a slideshow over, um, yeah, there!! To the right of this entry ------> is a widget in my sidebar called Family Favorite Films. Click on it to see our whole family classics library! Our five favorites that everyone can agree on are:

  1. The 1980's version of "Annie" starring Aileen Quinn as adorable Annie and my fave, Tim Curry as Rooster. I think this version far surpasses the mid 2000's remake and always will. Thankfully my kids and hubby agree and well, a fabulous time is had by all especially when my dh and A7 sing "Anything But You" together at the end complete with dance routine. 
  2. Disney's animated "Robin Hood" with Brian Bedford voicing Robin Hood and the terrific Phil Harris voicing Little John...but growing up a child of older parents I was raised on "classic country" and Roger Miller was always a fave of mine and my dad's when I was growing up, and still is. Therefore, my favorite character of all time has been Allan-a-Dale, the minstrel rooster. This classic is so funny and sweet at the same time no one fails to be enthralled. 
  3. Old Yeller...not much to say. Even though we all KNOW by now what happens to Yeller, it doesn't take away from the rest of the film. What many don't know is that a sequel was made, called "Savage Sam" and is the story of the pup given to Arliss by Elizabeth Searcy in the original film...also great! We do these as a double header and make it a long night in the summer. 
  4. Classic chick-flick "Pollyanna." The Disney version of course, with Hayley Mills as Pollyanna. Did she ever do a film that wasn't terrific? I've always loved her and even my "guys" love this one. Great story and many awesome lessons. I am just sad that Disney never did a follow up when Pollyanna returns from her hospital trip...
  5. Disney's Cars. Yes, its newer but its going to be a classic. I can even watch this one when the kids are away and LOVE it. Never a fight during it, sometimes we have to rewatch some scenes two or three times because the kids love it so much. A ton of fun!!
That's my fave five for this Friday. Feel free to share your own fave films via comment. I'd love to find some new films!!

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  1. Besides Robin Hood and Annie, I never heard of the others, maybe it's because I am approaching the stone age !

  2. I loved Robin Hood as a kid and even now! I still remember my parents taking me to see it at the theater! Is that the Annie with Carol Burnett?