Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Courtship of Moira Killarney

I realized that not many people know the story of mine and my dh's courtship and wedding.

We met in passing in January of 1998 when I visited friends in Toronto. I didn't want to come back, lol but being a minor my folks got their way.

A year later I met the man I would be married to for six years. This is the one time I can look back in my life and say "Wow, I should've listened to Mom and Dad." But if I had I wouldn't have my awesome kids. In January of 2005 this man, who hadn't worked for more than a 3 month stretch each year since the fall of 1999 decided he was going to go back to school for the second time and get his commercial truck drivers license. I didn't think he would do it because ten years earlier he tried and quit. Big surprise he did get the license and I found out he was not committed to our marriage. He was unwilling to go to counseling as well as wanting permission to go over the road on long hauls. I couldn't see it working and told him that his desire for freedom only gave me more cause for concern.

I started attending a support group and God led me to my wonderful husband. He is everything that a Christian man should be-he desired a family, wanted to be home every night, did more than his share of housework, was a mature Christian AND a mature man...he did not want to sit and play video games or watch TV all day. He would rather be outside with the kids and me in the canoe or just walking around our property.

We had our first "date" on the day before Easter, we went to breakfast. After that we were inseparable during daylight hours. He helped me get out of my family's "clutches" as I call them and see that I could stand on my own two feet and have a home that didn't require me to be under my father's control and have no say about the paint on the walls or the decorations I put out. Sadly I lost the job I had on the coast when the yacht company I worked for lost everything in a lawsuit. I had to move back to the "camp" in September of 2005 and have been here ever since.

On September 10th of 2005, exactly six years to the day I got married, my divorce hearing was scheduled. After hearing the nasty aspersions cast on me by my ex-within-moments then realizing that I had just appeared before this magistrate a day before in an unrelated matter (my sister stole my checks, forged and passed them to the tune of $1100) and asked if he was involved in that matter (yes, he was, in the worst way you can imagine) she granted the divorce immediately, finalized on site...I walked out of the courtroom with signed, notarized finalized divorce papers.

31 days later on October 11, 2005 Daniel and I were married in the florist shop my aunt works at:

I wonder how many other men have gotten married in fishing vests? LOL...many wonderful  memories and great times.

I Love You DWM and I always will! Toime n'greleat, meh anem corah

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