Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The finish of my June 22nd Daybook ☺

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Daybook

Come on over to The Simple Lady to join the fun. Link for June is here.Thanks to L @ The Berry Patch for posting her Daybook today and giving me impetus to get on with mine, already!

FOR TODAY... Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outside my window... it's almost noon here on a gently rainy day. I love hearing the rain fall-so relaxing!

I am thinking...that it will be nice to have a new home and start from scratch.

I am thankful husband and kids. 

From the learning rooms...research! It looks like I'll be getting some stuff from CurrClick and BJU Press. These both really impressed me for different reasons but both look to have excellent quality and a wide range of curriculum

~~~~Okay-it's now 7:14 pm, I am back online and ready to finish my Daybook  ~~~~

From the kitchen...The kids wanted chicken noodle soup tonight. Rain does make me crave soup and stews so I know where they get it from.

I am wearing...You might find this hard to believe but I am in my long-sleeve nightshirt and my hubby's flannel robe. I think I am coming down with a summer cold and I am miserable! Achy, cold, and tired. 

I am final check-list for our first load of stuff that we are taking to the property. 

I am our property tomorrow night for the first overnight with the kids. They are unbelievably excited . The phone is being installed on Friday morning so we are combining business with pleasure. 

I am reading...The Armchair Angler: The Best Fish Stories - Fact and Fiction. It is a collection of fishing tales spanning the last three centuries by notables such as Izaak Walton and Henry David Thoreau among others. 

I am hoping...that everything goes perfect with the phone installation. With that we can venture overnight to the property without having to worry about me missing assignments for my college courses. 

I am hearing...a kitty meowing that wants love and the kids making excited plans for our trip while they get ready for bed.

Around the house...I am obsessively and critically decluttering the stuff that the kids have broken, outgrown, worn out, or that I just plain don't love and use every day...well, except my holiday serving dishes [blush]

One of my favorite things...when I feel miserable like this and my kids want to do stuff to "make momma feel better." They are so sweet. We cuddled in momma's bed and watched movies today and B10 and J7 kept saying to "just ask" if momma wanted tea or water or anything. I fell asleep a couple times and they stayed calm and cuddly! It was terrific. Around the middle of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron we all drifted off and woke up at the end during Bon Jovi belting out "Can't keep me, I'm free!" Moments like that are my favorite things.


A few plans for the rest of the week: going to the property tomorrow, open swim at the local Y tomorrow night and Thursday night, family movie night at the theater which has not happened in over a year. No solid plans for the weekend other than hanging out and having fun

A picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
 This picture of B10 was taken about four years ago when I was teaching her to make black bean burrito filling. She loved her cooking set and looked so cute in it! She still loves learning to cook and I still have a blast with her in the kitchen. In fact today she made lunch-chicken and cheese quesadillas! Yum-O! Look out, Rachael Ray!

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