Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off to the Farm...for good?

Today is a very busy day here at "camp." For nearly 11 years this house has been my full-time home...for 18 years before that it was where I spent three months every summer with my family...yeah, the same dysfunctional one I posted about here.

Until five years ago I had serious blinders about the extent of dysfunction in my family. I though the cutting remarks meant as "jokes" or "teasing" were normal in ALL families. I see now that they are far from that. I know that you can give positive instruction with mild constructive criticism as part of it instead of telling a 10 year old girl who is trying to make her first birdhouse "Give me that hammer...girls can't do anything!" I will NEVER tease or joke my kids the way I did. I was an emotional wreck with no self esteem.Then I didn't listen to my parents when I was 18, and I really should have...but out of that disaster of a marriage I got three terrific, beautiful, brilliant, amazing kids and I wouldn't give them up for the world. I have said before that to have these kids I would go through the mental, verbal, and ultimately physical abuse all over again.

Well, five years ago I threw that man out of my life (as much as is possible when one doesn't want to go and there are children involved). I started attending a support group and moved on with my  life. Two weeks after my first meeting I went out for coffee as a group and got to know the man that God had sent me (more about him here )

Five years later almost we have bought the farm...really! 28 acres in Piscataquis County, Maine. We love it! There is a brook at the center of the property, the Piscataquis Stream cuts across the bottom-right corner right before it runs into the Piscataquis River...simply beautiful! As soon as I have some money to get my Kodak Easy Share Dock I will upload pics of the property. We were gifted with a little tow-behind travel trailer and can stay in that on rainy nights as well as have an indoor space to cook with a full kitchen and a bathroom...it will give us another week to get our septic system installed. Today we are taking a good sized load of stuff that wouldn't fit in the Jeep. That means that the kids and I are going to be loading the utility trailer with wood for outbuildings, hardware cloth, the barbecue, a couple of cinderblocks to use as a planter/post holder for our mailbox/newspaper box, my lilac bush, and just a bunch of stuff, really!

Well, it's 1:00 pm just about and we are leaving around 5:00 so I REALLY gotta haul buns!! Off I go.

Tomorrow is the phone install so I *hope* I'll be able to post a little something from home. 

Until then, may your blessings be unlimited and your coffee just right!

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